And the Orgain Goes To… It’s Awards season, and we want to reward our most creative fans with a little fuel for their fire... Three lucky winners will each receive a whole year's supply of free Orgain!

How do you enter?

Follow @drinkorgain and share your Orgain photos and videos on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and tag them @drinkorgain #andtheorgaingoesto. The most popular posts (most likes) will be given special consideration by the Academy of Blender Based Wellbeing (that’s us). From today until February 22nd, The Academy will be judging entries in the following three prestigious categories:

Best Smoothie Bowl Design

Every day we are inspired by the talent that goes into those perfectly placed smoothie bowl toppings. You all are artists who deserve recognition! Just look at this masterpiece by @benjisfam: Hubby's smoothie bowl was on point today ???Cherries, raspberries and @drinkorgain almond milk and protein powder with all the fixings??

Best Smoothie (Original Ingredients)

Some of our favorite smoothie ingredient ideas come from our fans. Rose water? Green tea? Hemp hearts? What is your favorite blender combo? Take a cue from @theteenvegans: Truly, nothing beats a good smoothie!! ?Customize yours to whatever flavor you're feeling, but we highly recommend this sweet combo ?? -- peanut butter?, dates, banana?, blue berries and almond milk, topped off with pomegranate seeds and some homemade chia pudding!! Tastes so much like a milkshake, you won't believe it's actually nutritious ???


Best Shake or Blender Bottle Boomerang

Shake it ‘til you make it! Video or Boomerang, show us how it’s done. This one's a tougher category, but @rachelh654 is heading in the right direction!: 

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Our three winners will be announced on Sunday, February 26th. Cue the music...