Is your workout routine becoming too, well, routine? These fun and alternative workout activities will help you build strength, endurance, and help you catch some sunshine while getting your sweat on.


What better way to enjoy the summer and stay in shape? Swimming is a low impact, high cardio workout and since you have the added benefit of being practically weightless in water there’s less of a chance of injury.   And does anyone else get super hungry after swimming? Laps in the pool are hunger inducing, so make sure that you’re getting clean nutrition and post-workout protein in after your workout. Here are a few options that we think might do the trick! Orgain Vegan Nutritional Shakes have 16g of organic plant based protein and 21 vitamins and minerals to help you feel satiated when you’re on the go! If you’re looking for a bigger 20g protein boost, give Orgain Grass Fed Clean Nutrition Shakes a try!


Whether you’re lucky enough to live on the ocean or just visiting, why not hop on a longboard and give surfing a try? You’d be surprised how many places in the US have beginner surfing opportunities, and it’s great for building balance as well as core, shoulder, leg and back strength. Plus, it’s just fun!

Mountain Biking

Whether you’re grinding up that 6% grade or blazing through some single track, mountain biking is an amazing workout. If you’ve ever had to bike uphill for any amount of distance you know exactly how much it burns and that burn is exactly what we’re looking for this summer. Plus, you get to be outside! And if you’re lucky enough to live in or visit one of these top mountain biking towns, you’re probably already clipped in.

Rock climbing

Looking to improve your upper body and hand strength this summer? Rock climbing is an awesome activity indoors or out. More and more rock climbing gyms are popping up around the country and thanks to climbing rock stars like Conrad Anker and Jimmy Chin, the sport seems to be taking off. States like California, Utah, Washington, Arizona and many more offer natural jungle gyms for beginners and pros alike. Whether you want to give free climbing a try or you’re happy to stick with belaying, rock climbing is guaranteed to help build your upper body strength while giving you yet another excuse to enjoy outdoors.

Jump Rope and Hula Hooping

Hula hooping? Jump rope? No we aren’t talking about your children’s favorite playground activities. Hula hooping and jump roping are two fantastic full-body exercises that can also double as fun cardio workouts. The coordination both exercises require make them a mind and body workout all in one. So the next time you see your little one out in the front yard working through the twists and turns of jumping roping and hula hooping, join in!