We understand that right now you probably feel inundated and overwhelmed with all of the information and uncertainties swirling around. Our hope is to offer some tips on how to stay nourished and healthy during this time.

As you are stocking your pantries for your families, we want to ensure our community has easy access to all of the protein powders, shakes and bars to stay healthy. We are making it easier to replenish all of your favorite Orgain products by offering free shipping on all orders at Orgain.com for a limited time.

Some tips while you are at home:

  • Move your body - exercise has the power to boost your health and diminish the harmful effects of stress on the body. During this uncertain time, we can all use some stress relief. Run stairs, put on a workout video, do some youtube yoga, or go for a solo walk in nature.
  • Stay connected - With school and office closures and community gatherings canceled, we can all start to feel isolated. Social distancing is important to halt the spread of viruses, so utilize technology to nurture your social bonds. Make a FaceTime or phone call, engage in uplifting conversation on social media, and spend quality time with your family.
  • Nourish - Ensuring you are getting enough antioxidants from fresh fruits and vegetables is key. Minimize processed foods and try to avoid stress-eating as much as possible. Orgain’s products are food-based, nutrient-dense, and shelf-stable. If you are stocking up your pantry, Orgain’s protein powder, nutrition shakes, and bars are a great staple to include.
  • Get sunshine - Sunshine is not only important for your mood, but a great way to boost immunity. Just 30 minutes a day of sunshine is equal to up to 20,000 IU of Vitamin D.

In terms of our food safety and processing procedures, all of our facilities follow strict health and hygiene processes. According to the FDA, the CDC and the WHO, there are no reported risks to the food supply chain.

Thank you for your continued trust in Orgain. Let’s take care of our bodies and each other and calmly navigate this time together.