It’s tough to stay on track with your own running and exercise schedule when your house is full of guests and there are parties to get to. Our solution? Take them with you! Here are a few tips for getting your family and friends into the great outdoors.

5 Tips from Ultra-runner, race director, and all around inspiring dude, Peter Ripmaster:

  1. Find a turkey trot in your area—they're great for health, fitness, wellness, and are always a special time with your family. Make it a yearly tradition! Also understand that walking is usually encouraged in these races compared to other races. NO EXCUSES. A few miles of working up a sweat goes a long way to helping you feel better about yourself after devouring your aunt's famous stuffing!
  1. Don't wait till January 1st to make a lifestyle change. November and December can be active months and can set you up for major success in the new year.
  1. Tell yourself "I can and I will". Think positively and be a shining example to your children and friends. They will notice your health kick, trust me!
  1. Holidays are an amazing time for family and togetherness, so use it to do something fun. Play tag football, play kickball. GET OUTSIDE. That fun feeling and energy you'll get from the game is very similar to the energy and clear thinking you receive get when running, biking or hiking.
  1. Carpe diem, folks! Discover the world around you. Don't watch someone else's life on TV. One step at a time. Every step is a new discovery—about yourself and the world and neighborhood you live in.