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5 Tips to Keep Your Breakfast Resolutions Going Strong

It’s often touted as the most important meal of the day and studies show eating a high protein, low sugar breakfast is better for the body’s metabolism, blood sugar, and brain function. In fact, research makes this correlation between a healthy breakfast and improved test scores and school performance in children. It makes sense that starting the day with a wholesome breakfast can help shape positive choices throughout the rest of the day, but mornings can mean a frenzied bid for the front door, coffee sloshing in hand if we are lucky. If you have resolved to prioritize a healthy breakfast in spite of your ambitious schedule, we’ve got some tips to keep your breakfast game strong in 2019. With a little forethought and very little effort, you can start your day with a healthy breakfast win.

  1. Protein bars: Orgain Simple bars and nutritional bars are easy to snag on your way out the door and because they contain a short list of high quality, nutritious ingredients and no sugar, you can be confident you’re starting the day right. They come in a tasty range of flavors so you can easily switch it up during the week. Stashing a few at work, in your car, and your purse or gym bag also ensures you won’t have to skip a meal or snack when you are on the run.
  2. Ready to drink shakes: Orgain ready to drink shakes offer up delicious, creamy, complete nutrition. They taste great on their own but can also be added to your coffee, oatmeal, or smoothie for an added boost. Just like the Simple bars, they travel well and can be enjoyed on the go. We love adding a chilled chocolate shake to our cold brew for a healthier iced mocha!
  3. Smoothies: Orgain Organic Superfoods Powder and protein powders make an excellent nutritional base for smoothies loaded with your favorite produce. Tossing a handful of ice, a banana, frozen fruit, and Orgain almond protein milk into a blender is another easy way to start the day with a couple servings of fruit, veggies, protein, vitamins, and minerals. We’ve got tons of recipes to inspire you but here is a basic guide for how to make a protein shake and some of our favorite easy smoothies that come together with just a few ingredients and lots of flavor and nutrition.  
  4. Overnight oats: Don’t have time to stand over the stove or by the microwave, stirring oatmeal every morning? Enter overnight protein oats! Making a large batch of overnight protein oats, or proats, is crazy simple and, in a few minutes, you can have a week’s worth of breakfast prepped and ready to go in your fridge. Adding your favorite Orgain plant-based protein powder will up the protein content and adding toppings like walnuts, banana slices, berries, or peanut butter let you add variety. The fiber and protein in overnight oats can keep you satisfied until lunch. Because they are “cooked” by soaking overnight, they can be enjoyed cold or you can heat them up in no time.

Revamp your toast: Avocado toast has been ultra-trendy but toast innovation doesn’t have to stop there. Try a generous swipe of hummus, a drizzle of olive oil, and a sprinkling of chia seeds or hemp hearts for added crunch, omega-3s, protein, and healthy fats. Nut butters and slices of apple or pear are also quick and wholesome. You could even try unsweetened Greek yogurt or vegan yogurt with pomegranate seeds and a swirl of honey for a fresh take on toast.

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