Realistic Meal Prep Tips To Eat Healthy All Week By Megan Roosevelt, RDN and Founder of The benefits of meal planning include saving time during the week, saving money, healthier eating, less food waste and reduced stress because meal-time is already taken care of! Meal prep on some level is key for consistent, healthy eating. The good news is that meal prep does not have to be complicated or time consuming! Today I’m sharing 5 tips for realistic meal prep! 1. Recipes + Shop List To get started, pick out a few recipes, whether a family favorite or something new that you’d like to make this week. Try to pick recipes that will yield leftovers, so you only have to make a few dishes each week. Next, write your grocery shopping list and head to the store! 2. Pick A Day To Prep & Involve A Buddy! Pick a day each week to prep that works for you, such as Sunday afternoon. Having a routine makes it easier to stick with it. Also, meal prep can be fun! Play some music and have your significant other, best friend, a family member or your kids help out! This is a great time to talk about healthy eating, new or favorite ingredients. Involving your loved ones can also make meal prep a time to look forward to. 3. Wash & Store Produce Properly There is nothing worse than buying fresh produce for the week & then seeing it go to waste! To avoid this, read this post for tips on storing food properly to prevent food waste! 4. Batch Cook Routine Favorites Do you love quinoa or brown rice & eat it multiple times a week? Then make a big batch once & enjoy all week long! Do you love fresh smoothies in the morning? You can also prep & portion out your ingredients ahead of time for the entire week! 5. Prep While You Cook It’s great to set aside time each week to prep, however if that’s not realistic for you, another great option is to prep while you cook! For example when you’re making dinner, make twice as much so you have leftovers for the next day. Or while your food is cooking, since you’re already in the kitchen, prep lunches for the next few days! Meal prep is a wonderful way to help you and your family keep on track with healthy eating. Just remember that it can be as simple as making one big batch of brown rice on Sunday that you’ll eat all week long, or as detailed as prepping all of your meals ahead of time. Prep in a way that works for you! You’ll find that with consistent attention to prep it gets easier and the benefits can motivate you to stick with it! Orgain meal Prep Tips - Healthy Grocery Girl Save