5 Breakfasts from Around the World to Switch up Your Morning Routine

You know breakfast is an important meal for growing kids and you know it’s a key player in your health goals, but breakfast ruts happen. If you’re staring into the fridge or pantry with the breakfast blues, it’s time for a little trip around the world for some serious breakfast inspo. As it turns out, there are plenty of people starting their day all over the world with healthy, delicious flavors that make the most of seasonal produce and regional spices. Take your morning from ho-hum to yum with these 5 globally inspired breakfast ideas!

Congee is a super simple, savory rice porridge rooted in Chinese medicine. A bowl of congee is a warm, comforting way to start the day, especially if you’ve been feeling under the weather or your digestion has been slow. Congee is an anti-inflammatory, gut healing powerhouse made of rice and bone broth. It is also a rich source of collagen, a key player in promoting gut health, skin elasticity, and easing joint pain and inflammation. Add a scoop of Orgain collagen peptides to your bone broth for an extra boost and top your congee with thinly sliced herbs, veggies, a soft-boiled egg, and a splash of soy sauce to dress it up.  

Shakshuka may be popping up on trendy menus in large American cities but these eggs poached in spiced tomatoes and herbs hail from North African cooking traditions and perhaps even the Ottoman Empire. Today, Israel is famous for their shakshuka and for good reason. With plenty of protein, omega-3s, vitamin C, and lycopene from eggs and cooked tomatoes, this shakshuka recipe is a perfectly spiced, healthy one-pan wonder. Don’t forget to soak up all the herby, cheesy, spicy, eggy richness with a slice of toast! 

Sinangag, or garlic fried rice and eggs, is a common breakfast in the island nation of the Philippines. An ideal way to get extra veggies in a morning meal as well as use up an ever-changing array of your veggie drawer contents, this fried rice is gluten free, full of fiber and protein, and so tasty. Plus, evidence shows garlic is great for immunity, boosted circulation, heart health, and is an anti-inflammatory superfood. Splash this simple garlic fried rice with Tamari soy sauce (gluten free), and maybe even a few squeezes of sriracha to spice things up!

Muesli is a traditional Swiss breakfast, providing lots of gut healthy fiber, protein, and healthy fat via oats, dates, yogurt, nuts, and seeds. If you love oatmeal but crave something a little different, muesli may be right up your alley. Lightly sweet and satisfyingly toothsome, topped with berries, muesli is a bowl full of brain-nourishing foods. Serve it to kiddos on test day or fuel for an important meeting or workout. Enjoy this easy muesli recipe over yogurt or milk or soak overnight with your milk of choice- we love it with Orgain vanilla almond milk!

Dutch baby pancakes are a large, puffy pancake baked in a skillet with fuzzy German-Dutch-American origins. What is clear is that they are incredibly versatile, easy to make, and a good source of whole grains and protein from whole wheat flour and eggs. Serve with yogurt, sliced fruit, or chopped chives and a fried egg for a savory take on this simple and delicious dish that can feed the whole family in a fraction of the time it takes to make a short stack for one. We love this Dutch baby pancake with cinnamon apple compote and a steamy mug of coffee with vegan autumn spice “creamer”

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