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10 Great Indoor Workouts for Fall

Ready to keep your summertime workout momentum up after temps begin to drop? Here are some indoor workouts to stay on track, challenge yourself, and stay on track year round:

Group Classes

Although it’s hard to beat a yoga class on the beach, that synergy brought on by a large group of people working towards one common goal doesn’t have to leave with the tide! Taking a group class indoors can be a great workout experience; with everyone working hard in one room, the energy practically bounces off the walls. Most gyms offer discounted rates for group classes (compared to personal trainers and one-on-one exercises), and there are some that specialize in only group workouts. Not only are they a great way to stay motivated throughout the workout, but you’ll also meet people who are working towards similar fitness goals! #1 Spin: You’ve probably heard about spin classes, but if you haven’t, look it up! Spinning is basically a fancy name for stationary biking, but is commonly done in a large room with 20-50 bikes. Classes are led by a trained professional instructor and are accompanied by upbeat, hi-tempo music, and high-energy instructions. These workouts are tough, but the enthusiasm and music will be sure to have you leaving the gym feeling motivated to go back again and again. #2 Yoga: Just because you’ve tried one yoga class doesn’t mean you’ve tried them all. Try getting bendy with new styles and instructors. Who knows, you may discover your new favorite practice. #3 Pilates: Pilates works on both flexibility and core strength, and has a tendency to re-introduce us to muscles we forgot existed.Pilates classes are often offered at local gyms and dance studios, and cater to a large range of experience levels. Even if you’re a beginner, you can quickly learn the basics and have fun while you work out! But be ready to be sore the next day...in a good way.

Hit the Gym

Although it may seem obvious, hitting the gym and getting in an intense workout is one of the best ways to sculpt your body and feel the “I did it!” burn. A hard workout before heading to your desk job can promote circulation, concentration, and memory, all while keeping your energy levels higher throughout the day. You may also sleep deeper at night, so it’s a win-win! #4 HIIT workouts: HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, and is exactly what it sounds like. These workouts will totally kick your butt, but your butt will thank you! These consist of varying interval exercises repeated with little break time in between. Combinations of jump-rope, burpees, planks, v-ups, and squats are common to this category. HIIT workouts are great when you need a workout that matters but are short on time. #5 Treadmill: Classic treadmill cardio gets a bad rap for being boring, but it’s a GREAT way to work on your pace and stamina and be able to see improvement as time goes on. If you don’t already run, the winter can be the perfect time to get started. Make a goal for yourself to stay motivated, like showing off your hard work in a fun spring 5k with your friends! #6 Machines: Take advantage of that gym membership and go beyond the treadmill! Machines can be a great way to be sure you’re doing things “correctly”, especially if you’re working on a new goal. Machines provide very concentrated effort on small groups or individual muscles, which is fantastic when you’re focusing on one area. Additionally, machines can help prevent injuries because they have a set path of motion, preventing misuse of muscles or joint strain. Most gyms offer equipment tutorials to help you make sure you’re utilizing the machines correctly.

Game Time

Remember all those fun games you used to play as kids? Playing games with friends on the court, field, and in the pool are fantastic ways to burn calories and build strength and endurance, all while having a blast. #7 Tennis: This is a great sport to pick up, because you only need one other person to play! Most gyms and clubs have courts available for members, and if not, check out your local high school, college, or recreation center for their tennis court hours. This sport is a full body workout that will keep your heart rate high, core engaged, and calves and biceps on point. #8 Pick-up sports: If you have a group, sports like soccer, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, or your favorite team sport are an awesome way to spend time with friends while getting fit. These are all serious cardio workouts, but if you’re competitive at all, you probably won't even realize how hard you’re working until after! Look around your community for adult pick up leagues, or grab some friends and hit the turf or court at a nearby high school or college campus. #9 Swimming: Maybe the best full body workout, swimming can help build muscle and stronger heart and lungs, all while keeping the strain and stress off of your joints and bones. You can go at your own pace, and it is fun to race your own times once you get into a routine of strokes and distances. #10 Rock climbing: Although you may have to travel a little farther to find an indoor wall to climb, it will be totally worth it. Rock climbing can absolutely shred your forearms and shoulders, giving you definition that you didn't even know was possible. The climbing community is super friendly and welcoming, and are always excited to add another climber to their sport. Most gyms have routes planned out with colored grips with varying levels of difficulty, so you can compete with yourself and push your own limits, all within your own comfort zone. Whether it’s solo marathon training on the treadmill, group spin classes with your friends, or joining a pick-up field hockey league, the most important thing is to have fun with your fitness this fall!

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