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A towering body of research suggests that plant-based diets have significant advantages on health and the planet. However, for those that live in food deserts or struggle financially, it can be difficult to adopt and sustain a plant-rich approach to eating. In this special episode, host Mary Purdy, MS, RDN, is joined by Orgain’s CEO and Founder, Dr. Andrew Abraham, and award-winning artist, actor, and activist, Common. Tune in as they share about their recent collaboration and dive into important topics regarding the challenges of accessibility of healthy foods in underserved communities and learn how you could support positive change.

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Common is an Academy Award, Golden Globe, Emmy and Grammy-winning artist, actor, and activist, who continues to break down barriers with a multitude of critically acclaimed, diverse roles, and continued success at the box office. While an accomplished musician, actor and producer, Common’s focus on health and lifestyle activism is what brings us together today. He began is wellness journey in the 1990’s, and in 2020 launched a YouTube series, Com+Well, to share the self-care knowledge and tools he’s been made aware of.

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