Which Is the Best Pre-Workout For Women?

Which Is the Best Pre-Workout For Women?

Finding the motivation to get to the gym and workout can sometimes be a difficult task. The craziness of life can be exhausting, and it can be tough to find the energy to get in that gym and get your body moving. So, is it any wonder that people are turning to pre-workout to get a solid boost of energy for the gym? 

Pre-workout is growing in popularity. This uplifting supplement can support healthy energy in your body and promote a longer, more intense workout. Pre-workout gives you the fuel you need to absolutely crush that workout with ease. 

But did you know that, oftentimes, pre-workouts for men are different from pre-workouts for women? Women’s bodies are different, and they need different types of fuel than men do. 

What Is Pre-Workout and How Does It Help?

Pre-workout is, as the name suggests, a supplement you take before you workout. Sometimes you need a little boost of nutrition to help you get through the workout ahead of you. Pre-workout provides that boost to help support physical endurance


An obvious way pre-workout gets your head in the game is caffeine. Who doesn’t love a little caffeine? This common chemical works to drive away tiredness by latching onto certain receptors in the brain and blocking your tired signals from being able to tell your brain it’s time for a nap. This can keep you awake and alert for the workout you’re about to do. 

Overcoming that sleepy feeling can help you feel more prepared and ready to hit the gym!


Pre-workouts also focus on energy. A good pre-workout should help you have better endurance and strength so you can work out harder and longer. You want to maximize each trip to the gym so you can reap all of the benefits! Pre-workout can help you go that extra mile.

Pre-workouts are also often packed with electrolytes, which are crucial nutrients your muscles need in order to contract. By providing your body with electrolytes, you can help to ensure your muscles don’t give out on you when you need them most. 


Pre-workouts also seek to deliver concentration and focus. Focus is really important for a workout, especially if you’re doing a more intense activity like free weight training. For this reason, many pre-workouts aim to help your mind stay focused and alert, so you can work out safely. 

For Men vs. For Women

So now, we’ve laid out the goals of pre-workout in general, but men and women can work out very differently, so they often want different things out of their pre-workouts. Let’s talk about the common differences between what men and women need for a good workout. 

Amino Acids

For starters, mens’ pre-workouts are more focused on dense muscle growth. Lots of guys want to build up a lot of muscle quickly, while many women are more focused on toning muscle versus bulking. 

For this reason, many mens’ pre-workouts will have amino acids in them to help with them bulk, but in the ladies’ pre-workout formula these ingredients are left out and replaced with leaner protein and additional energy boosters. 


Another key difference between the two is the amount of caffeine you find in each. Men generally have a higher caffeine tolerance because they’re heavier on average. They can tolerate larger amounts of caffeine, so many pre-workouts for women put a lot less caffeine in. 

Caffeine tends to be a short-lived boost of energy anyway. There are a lot more sustainable ways to give your body energy that don’t include a caffeine crash at the end. 

Your Diet

Women are more likely to accompany their exercise with a diet in order to effectively achieve their weight loss goals. And their supplements need to work within those diets. For example, lots of women on the keto diet take a high-fat keto protein powder before working out. 

Why Orgain?

Our organic pre-workout is a perfect example of the type of quality we strive for in all of our protein offerings. Here’s a little bit more about this pre-workout that makes it a great choice.  

Certified Organic

Our pre-workout is USDA-certified organic. Each ingredient, right down to the sweetener, is organic, so you can trust it’s not covered in pesticides and that it’s not been genetically modified. 

Good For All Diets

We’ve made our pre-workout plant-based so that it's accessible to any diet. Whether you’re vegan, keto, or Atkins, you don’t have to worry. This pre-workout is as versatile as they come.

Clean Energy

We go to great lengths to make sure that the energy you get from this pre-workout is sustainable and lasts throughout the whole workout. There are a few key ingredients that help us achieve this. 


Cordyceps mushroom, green coffee, and ginseng tea are the masterminds behind our clean and plant-based energy. Green coffee provides a natural, strong source of caffeine. Ginseng has a bit of a different caffeine feel than coffee. While coffee is intense, potentially jittery, and it comes with a crash, ginseng helps give you a boost of energy without the crash, keeping you feeling energized for longer. 

Plant-Based Power

The Orgain Plant Power Blend™ can provide some very interesting and positive effects to your body. 

For starters, one of the main ingredients in our Plant Power Blend™ is beetroot powder. Beets have tremendous nutritional value. Beetroot is rich in nitrates, which have a specific role in supporting increased blood flow, mitochondrial health, and muscle contractions. Helping blood flow can support the oxygen that reaches your muscles, giving your muscles greater endurance and energy.

We also make a point to include apple powder in our blend. Apple powder is a helpful force in maintaining the health of your joints. We don’t fully understand why, but apple powder can actually help support mobility and range of motion, allowing you to work out even better.

Vitamin C

Our pre-workout also has a whole lot of vitamin C in it. Many athletes claim that taking vitamin C helps to support their immune system between workouts, especially when it comes to the recovery portion, specifically. 

Vitamin C is a crucial vitamin for connective tissue repair. It is an antioxidant, meaning that it could support your body in reversing the oxidative damage that comes from working out. 


There you have it. Our organic plant-based powder is designed to give women and men alike the best boost possible before their workout. 

So get out there and take control of your energy and workouts. 

If you need the extra boost before hitting the gym, our organic pre-workout can be just the thing that you’ve been looking for. 

To explore our other options for organic nutrition and organic protein, click here

Disclaimer: This is for informational purposes only and is not intended as individual or specific medical advice, nor is it intended to replace advice by your qualified healthcare provider. We strongly encourage consulting with a qualified healthcare provider about your interest in, questions about, or use of dietary supplements and what may be best for your overall health.


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