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Can dietary changes improve your sleep quality and quantity? In this episode of The Good Clean Nutrition Podcast, host Mary Purdy, MS, RDN discusses the connection between diet, sleep and health with Dr. Marie-Pierre St-Onge, Associate Professor of Nutritional Medicine at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. Tune in to learn the key discoveries from her research on the connection between nutrition and sleep, including the impact of nutrient deficiencies on sleep quality and how sleep deprivation can influence food cravings. Be sure to also listen as Dr. St-Onge reveals the top tips she recommends everyone adopt for better zzz’s tonight.

Guest Speaker

Marie-Pierre St-Onge, PhD, FAHA, CCSH

Dr. Marie-Pierre St-Onge is a nutrition and sleep researcher with over two decades of experience. In addition to earning a Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. in Human Nutrition from McGill University, Dr. St-Onge completed a fellowship at Columbia University and went on to join the New York Obesity Nutrition Research Center and the Institute of Human Nutrition as a Post-Doctoral Fellow. In her current role as an Associate Professor of Nutritional Medicine at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, she conducts research related to foods and their influence on disease risk and continues to focus heavily on sleep and its association with obesity and cardiometabolic risk factors.

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