kids ready to drink shakes

Orgain Kids Grass-Fed Protein Organic Nutrition Shakes

My toddler loves them!

Written by: Lauren M.

My almost 4 year old loves every flavor, and they are a super easy way to get in a protein-rich breakfast before school. My go-to!

Morning protein

Written by: Melissa J.

Kid's Protein Organic Nutrition Shake is a great way for my grandson to get a good supply of protein before school. His mom doesn't always have time to prepare a healthy breakfast so the protein shake ensures a good nutritional start to his day. He loves all three flavors.

Kindergarten Lunch Addition

Written by: Ahmet G.

My daughter really likes these chocolate shakes and we give it to her as a part of her kindergarten lunch. I had bought milks before but she seems to just enjoy this one! I also drink them sometimes.

Great Snack

Written by: Petie M.

Buy these for my grandkids and they love 'em. This is a much healthier snack than gummy bears or cookies and the kids now ask for them instead of the high sugar snacks.

The Orgain Way

Good, Clean Nutrition

Certified USDA Organic

Certified USDA Organic

Free of artificial colors, flavors & preservatives

8g Organic Grass-Fed Protein to help you grow strong

22 Vitamins & Minerals

10 Organic Fruit & Veggie Blend