Are you dehydrated?

Signs Include:

Increased thirst

Dry, sticky mouth

Premature fatigue

Reduced urine output


Dry eyes

Increased weakness

Labored breathing with exercise

Orgain® Hydro Boost was hand-crafted to provide clean and effective hydration using only food-based, high quality, organic ingredients. Made to meet the World Health Organization’s guidance on fast rehydration, Orgain® Hydro Boost delivers 5x electrolytes*, has 50% less sugar*, and is enhanced with superfoods. This cleaner, better-for-you hydration mix is both delicious and energizing.

*Compared to traditional sports drinks. our hydro boost powder has 1770mg electrolytes and 9g of sugars vs. leading sports drink has 350mg electrolytes and 21g of sugars per 12 fl oz. not a low calorie food. see nutrition information for calories content.

Our formula utilizes the right balance of key ingredients to replenish fluids and restore hydration. This precise combination of sodium, glucose and citrate boosts the delivery of electrolytes and fluids into your cells faster than water alone.

Hydro Boost provides electrolytes & more

How To Use:

Simply combine 1 packet with 10-12 fl oz of water and mix.

When To Use:

ExerciseTravelDaily Wellness