Congratulations to our Winners!

Thanks to everyone who voted and helped us decide on our three winners! We are proud and excited to support each of these small businesses with a $50,000 grant to help carry their good work to the next level. Congratulations!!



Bissy is accelerating economic development for our farmers in Nigeria through the sale of natural energy drinks made with raw kolanut fruit. The caffeine in kolanut gives a sustained boost to the brain, while the theobromine opens the lungs making it possible to breathe easy and focus hard. Made from 100% plant-based ingredients, Bissy contains 160mg of caffeine, only 25 calories and just 6 grams of carbs from natural dark brown sugar.


Hakuna Brands

Hakuna Brands helps people live healthy, vibrant lives through their tasty plant-based ice creams, made with real ingredients, and no refined sugar. Their (n)ice creams are delicious, but also nutritionally dense and good-for-you treats. Hakuna's mission is to help you celebrate life with no worries! Their indulgent flavors and textures use real ingredients, not tricks of the trade. No oils, cheap fillers, artificial ingredients, refined sugars, or sugar substitutes (their sweetener? Dates!).



IncludeHealth is lowering the barriers of health and wellness, ensuring equal access for all ages & abilities. They provide an inclusive functional trainer, IncludeStrength, that enables people with functional limitations and impairments the means to perform hundreds of exercises while standing, seated, or in a wheelchair. Their equipment pairs with HIPAA compliant cloud software, IncludeCloud, to provide real-time guidance, practitioner oversight, and reporting to help all users achieve their health & wellness goals.

Why Orgain Grants for Greater Good?

All around us, people are changing the world one idea at a time, but not all great ideas have the financial support they need to get off the ground. Orgain Grants for Greater Good exists to enable small businesses working to support healthy, vibrant lives. The program will award three deserving small businesses with a $50,000 grant each to help take their businesses to the next level.

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