Game Day Game Plan

The Big Game is almost here, and is traditionally a big day of salty, fatty foods and bad beer. But does it have to be? Orgain has a Game Day Game Plan full of recipes to support your healthy eating goals while still getting into the game! Plus, because we all still have to go to work the next day, we threw in a post game recovery smoothie. 

Big Game Butternut Squash Bisque

Orgain Big Game Butternut Squash Bisque This recipe is a healthy, hearty crowd pleaser! Have every Game Day guest asking, what’s cooking, because it smells amazing. Skipping the cheesy chili will be easy this year! Click Here For Full Recipe 

Pre Game Green Protein Smoothie Bowl

Orgain Pre Game Green Protein Smoothie Bowl Before the first commercial airs, get your greens! Make sure your day is packed with light, nutrient dense foods that will keep your energy up and body prepped for game time, and will help you wake up feeling great Monday morning! Click Here For Full Recipe 

Runningback (for) Cold Brew Coffee + Protein

Orgain Running Back for Cold Brew Coffee Whether you’re prepping for company or pot-lucking it at someone else’s place, Game Day can be a busy one. Keep on your toes with a mid-afternoon Cold Brew Coffee + Protein! And if you’re really running out the door, this on-the-go go-to can tide you over until the next meal. It also comes in Mocha!  Click Here to Order Cold Brew

Touchdown Twice Baked Protein Sweet Potatoes

Orgain Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes If the End Zone is a clean plate, these advance down the field every time. Just indulgent enough for a special occasion, yet packed with nutrition, this recipe is perfect for tailgating or feeding a crowd of two or twenty two at home.  Click Here for Full Recipe 

Blitz Peanut Butter Protein Cookies

Orgain Peanut Butter Protein Cookies Easy, classic and always a fan-favorite. These are a healthier twist on a great recipe, and add a little extra protein to the pile -- don’t feel bad for having two. Or maybe three. Click Here for Full Recipe 

End Zone Overnight Oats

Orgain End Zone Overnight Oats You’re going to want a healthy post-game breakfast, we promise. But, if you’re like us, Monday mornings can feel a little rushed. Throw together these Overnight Oats at half time or before you call it a night and you will thank yourself the next morning. Click Here for Full Recipe 

QB Quinoa Protein Bites

Orgain QB Quinoa Bites These will get you through to half time, we promise. Tasty, satisfying, and filled with goodness, these protein bites are a great appetizer or regular, every day in-between snack. They’re also a great option to bring with if you’re heading to someone else’s place for the Big Game and don’t want to be tempted by cheesy orange things. Click Here for Full Recipe 

Half Time Mini Protein Avocado Pudding Pies

Orgain Half Time Mini Protein Pies This game is INTENSE, so make ahead and have at the ready to soothe any broken hearts or nervous eaters. These may seem crazy decadent (and they taste it!) but would probably put the healthiest breakfast cereals to shame. If you have to eat your feelings at half time, these are a great option. Click Here for Full Recipe 

OT Chia Seed Pudding

Orgain OT Chia Pudding Longest. Game. Ever. It’s hard to pull yourself away from a nail-biter, so make sure you have these little cups of pudding glory handy for a longer-than-expected Game Day. Plus, if you don’t need to reveal them to your guests during the game, they are just as great the next day. And the next. Click Here for Full Recipe 

BONUS: Post Game Recovery Smoothie

Orgain Post Game Recovery Smoothie Social events on Sunday nights can be rough, and even with the best intentions we can all overdo it sometimes. Introducing, your salvation smoothie! This one will get you back in the healthy eating game, and help your Monday morning feel a little more like Tuesday. Game on! Click Here for Full Recipe 

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