As September begins—BOOM—just like that, fall is upon us. And while the toasty summer days are coming to end, it’s actually a fantastic opportunity to keep (or start) the momentum you’ve built behind a healthy routine.

In fact, cooler temps can mean more time outside, new recipes, new workouts, and so much more. So no matter what the guy from Green Day tells you—don’t sleep until September ends.

As the leaves start to fall, here are some thought-starters for how you can stay active and continue to fuel your body with good, clean nutrition.

Start early. We get it. We’re not always morning people either. But nothing beats a morning workout, because then you’ve got a positive start to the day, it’ll rev your metabolism, and if nothing else, you’ll be “DONE” working out for the day. And if you need a little extra oomph to start your workout, Orgain Sport Energy can help provide the boost you need with some plant-based energy.

Get outside. While August is stacked with oppressive heat and sweltering temperatures (and sweaty facemasks in 2020), September will bring us some slightly cooler temps, depending on where you live. This is a great time to renew your goals of walking every day, going for a crisp morning run, or even playing in the piles of leaves with the kids. Remember—a workout doesn’t always have to be work. It should also be fun!

Some general idea-starters:

  • Hop on your bike for a ride around the neighborhood.
  • Take your dog to the dog park.
  • Go for a hike.
  • Have a leaf fight. (Clean up the yard).

Stay inside. We’re not trying to be confusing, we swear. But the changing season can be a great time to switch up what you’re doing to work out. So, if you were braving the heat to go swimming or hiking, colder days could be the time to craft a new home workout program. There are tons of free workout channels online and many apps have free trials for you to check out.

Rest and Recover. While this may not seem very “active” per se, recovery is just as important as your actual work out. Time spent stretching, meditating, reading, or even just lounging are important to let your muscles recover and your mind destress. Try adding some recovery support like Orgain Sport Recovery to your routine to help with hydration and inflammation along the way.

Fuel better. For many of us, fall means comfort food. It gets chilly, we break out the cable-knit sweaters, and before you know it, we’re elbows deep in some delicious stuff. Why not mix it up and cook or bake your favorites with something a little healthier. Everything from banana bread to peanut butter brownies can utilize Orgain Sport Protein to add a little more protein and nutrition to your favorite fall dishes.

So, while we all long for summer to stay forever, we forget that cooler temps can often reinvigorate us to get up, get out, and build some new routines. Show us what you’re doing to stay active this fall on Instagram by tagging @drinkorgain and use the hashtag #fuelbetterfeelbetter.