• 1 Orgain Kid-O Bar(we used our Peanut Butter flavor!)
  • 1 dollop jelly
  • 1 smear peanut butter (or peanut-free nut butter)


5 mins

1 per Kid-O bar

  1. Take the Orgain Kid-O bar out of the wrapper and cute in half – we used our Peanut Butter flavor.
  2. Flatten each half into a square shape.
  3. Dollop a very small amount of jelly on one half and smear a small amount of peanut butter on the other half. (Keep in mind that you will be putting these two halves together, so the more peanut butter and jelly you use the more it will squeeze out of the sides.)
  4. Put them together and use a fork to press down along the outsides to close the ravioli. 
  5. BOOM. You’ve got a PB & J Ravioli! 
We just stepped outside the box with these PB & J Ravioli Snacks for Kids! The kiddos will be super impressed at your creativity and/or have a blast making these with you. A PB & J in the form of a sweet and tasty ravioli. Back to school snacks never seemed so fun. Dreams do come true!


  • I’m definitely trying this!! What a completely new and interesting take on PB & J!! I’m excited! Thank you, Orgain!

    Monique C Holmes