What is Orgain®?

Orgain® is a line of certified organic nutritional products that are incredibly delicious and packed with the highest quality ingredients in the world. Our original line of shakes use organic grass fed protein, organic brown rice, organic fiber and 23 vitamins and minerals. Just as important as what’s in Orgain® is what’s not in Orgain® as all products are non-GMO, gluten free, soy free, and there are no artificial colors, artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

Why is it called Orgain®?

The name Orgain® was created by the founder Dr. Abraham and combines the words “Organic” and the word “gain.” Being certified organic is the cornerstone of the Orgain® line and “gain” comes from the notion that one can “gain health, gain energy, and gain life” through clean, wholesome nutrition. Dr. Abraham has personally experienced dramatically improved health and energy when simply making key changes to his diet.

What’s the story behind Orgain®?

Orgain® was founded in 2008 by Andrew Abraham, M.D., a physician and cancer survivor who was disappointed with the nutritional shake offerings on the market. After being diagnosed with cancer, Dr. Abraham underwent extensive treatment, forcing him to rely on liquid nutrition. “Mainstream brands were loaded with high fructose corn syrup, genetically modified soy, artificial flavors, preservatives and tasted horrible. I created Orgain® out of necessity and focused on the highest quality, organic ingredients possible to develop a nutritionally complete, high protein nutritional shake that is now considered the gold standard in nutritional shakes by many top experts in the industry.”

Who can drink Orgain®?

  • Busy and active lifestyles
  • Breakfast on-the-go
  • Athletes
  • Pre or post-workout replenishment
  • Organic nutrient dense energy any time
  • Weight management (weight gain or weight loss)
  • A nutritionally complete base for smoothies
  • Anyone who requires liquid nutrition

Why does Orgain® taste so much better than other nutritional products?

The inspiration for the Orgain® formulation came from Dr. Abraham’s kitchen so the focus has always been on real, certified organic ingredients. Using premium organic ingredients like organic cocoa, organic vanilla beans and organic strawberries makes for a delicious product that tastes likes it was made in the kitchen instead of a lab.

Does Orgain® need to be refrigerated?

Orgain® ready-to-drink shakes are aseptically packaged and do not need refrigeration but are ideally served cold for the best taste profile. Once open, Orgain® can stay fresh for 72 hours after opening as long as the product is refrigerated. Orgain® protein powders do not need to be refrigerated.

I’m a retailer, how can I sell Orgain®?

Email us at info@drinkorgain.com with the following information and one of our team members will get in touch with you promptly: Contact name, name of business, address of business, phone number and/or email address.

Are there preservatives, colorings, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners?

No, no, no and no.

Is there any soy protein in Orgain®?

Orgain® is 100% soy free.

Is Orgain® gluten free?

Yes, all Orgain® products are gluten free.

Is Orgain® safe during pregnancy?

Yes, absolutely. Orgain® is certified organic so free of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, artificial sweeteners, colors, and GMOs. As always, we’d recommend you check with your healthcare team to ensure that Orgain® is right for you.

Where can I buy Orgain®?

Orgain® is available nationally in nearly 20,000 retail locations. Find a Store.

Is Orgain® made in the USA?


Does Orgain® contain caffeine?

While there is no added caffeine to our products, our creamy chocolate fudge and iced café mocha flavors use organic cocoa and organic flavorings that have a very small amount of naturally occurring caffeine.

Are your bottles BPA free?


Is the packaging recyclable?

Our Tetra Pak packaging is made from recycled paper and is recyclable. For more information visit We Recycle Cartons.